Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well. It could have been worse.

It could have been worse considering our Youth group hosted their own Christmas Dinner/Party and brought lots and lots of high calorie dishes, sides, and desserts. I could have hauled off, downed two plate-fulls of food without inhibition, and went home full, sad, and bloated.

But I didn't. Even though I tried a little bit of everything, I kept the portions small, had one plate of food, two handfulls of tortilla chips and dip, and then I was done.

So in the grand spectrum of calorie counting, yeah, I probably went over my limit and failed considerably.

But the fact that I didn't deliberately overeat, the fact I stopped after one plate. Well, I'm counting that as a victory. Even if it is just a moral victory.

After the long clean-up, we finally left the church about 10pm. Since we had to get gas anyway, Daniel drove us to Quick Trip. While he was pumping, I thought I would celebrate my moral victory by buying a 12oz bottle of diet Cherry Pepsi. Which in and of itself is probably not good for me, but with zero calories, it was the perfect treat. A calorie-free trophy, if you will.

Long story short, after downing that, I had issues falling asleep due to night-time anxiety/paranoia. Now that I think about it, maybe that night-time cherry trophy had something to do with it. Nothing like a cherry buzz to make you think every creak of the house is someone slowly shuffling their feet across the floor.

 At any rate, I'm up, tired, but holding my head a little higher.


  1. Why, thank you for all those high calorie treats! LoL.....our house could have gone w/o them too!! :)

  2. I will have you know that it was your daughter who claimed them in the name of Musgravia! :)