Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If I say its a victory, then its a victory by crackie.

Ok, so I haven't actually been sticking to my calorie daily limit thing these past few days.
I haven't been meticulously counting calories, telling myself what I can and can't have, etc.


1) I haven't had a single sugar-ladened pop since that first infamous visit to Taco Bell that started this whole thing.

2) I've only had 1-2 glasses of something remotely sugar-ey per day since my last post. The better part of the day, I've been drinking water.

3) I've been calling it quits on meals before my tummy screams "No More!!" (This means I've made myself stop at firsts.)

And ya know what? I'm feeling better about myself. I haven't actually weighed or measured myself at all (considering I still don't have the scientific tools necessary to do that) BUT I feel thinner. Regardless of whether or not its true.

And that is a step in the right direction. I think. And before people start saying "Well, you're just excusing yourself" and anything similar, please feel free to read the title of this post.

(And I promise, I'll try to do better today.)

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