Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 2...9:00 and all is well...

After my burrito and giant pepsi yesterday afternoon, I opted to skip dinner for a couple of reasons:

1) I have no idea what the calorie count is for one burrito supreme and a giant pepsi with no ice, but I'm sure its a bit more than my required daily caloric intake.

2) I was invited over to Bailey's for a lovely jewelry party, and I wanted to keep my stomach free from dinner so I for sure wouldn't over-eat.

As I'm walking out the door at 6:00 to go to the party, Daniel asks me to run to the store to get a couple things for him and Brennan to eat for dinner...walking through the store, I completely forget about my new blog, life change, whatever, and grab a box of Little Debbie's Chocolate Christmas Tree cakes...for Brennan.

As I'm checking out, I notice to the right of me that Hershey's plain milk chocolate bars are going 2 for $1. Again, without really thinking or remembering my new blog and life change, I grab two. One for me and one for Bailey, I think without a second thought.

I drop off the groceries and begin my trek to Bailey's, mindlessly gobbling the chocolate bar, again, without a second thought. Without any thought, actually. I was very animal with that Hershey's. Kind of like a squirrel with the last nut of the season.

To sum up, Bailey's party was fantastic. I loaded up on Sun Chips with Hummus(which I've heard counts as a vegetable), fresh pineapple, and one chocolate cookie. No pop. No sweet drink.

Breakfast this morning consisted of two boiled eggs (need my protein!) and, in a short while, a nice hot cup of orange tea, no sugar added.

To break myself of my pop addiction,I need to force myself to drink bottled water. Its a struggle. But I'm aiming to down four of those bad boys today.

9:00 on Day 2, and I'm sticking to my life change so far. Day 2 is always so easy.


  1. Hey Aimes!~ If you're interested in the calorie count of stuff, calorieking.com is AMAZING! There's also an app you can download if you have a fancy-shmancy smart phone. It has regular food and restaurants. Anywho, as far as bottled water, I hate it, which is why I LOVE crystal light packets. You can even save money by making up a pitcher and refilling nalgene bottles. Anyways, they're sugar-free and calorie-free, which is always a lovely thing. Oh! And whenever I microwave stuff, I do jumping jacks or lunges in front of the microwave. Quick 1-2 minutes of activity. Easy, and you don't really think it makes a difference, but over time it really does. Love you!

  2. Thanks Mels :) I'll definitely try the calorieking.com..I'm assuming its easier than tediously adding up your calories based on the labels..I've been doing that today, and with breakfast and lunch, I've consumed about 1,020 calories so far. Just trying to figure out now how many I need to be eating a day to lose the weight I want..I'd be happy if I were losing 1-2 lbs a week.